Yellowstone Grand Teton GyPSy App Reviews

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Don’t leave without it!

This APP was fantastic! If I could give 6 stars I would!

Need this for Yellowstone!

This was a great guide to have for touring Yellowstone! Much easier than fumbling with a map or book guide. Great info and tips!

Great app

What a great app! We went to Yellowstone in May and this was a wonderful addition to our trip! I wish they had this app for every tourist area across the United States and the World!

Skeptical at first

Are usually do not purchase an app especially one for $10. We read the reviews, thought about it and decided to purchase it. I cannot express enough how it is completely worth the purchase! Loved how there was some commentary in between sites and pointed out the important ones to stop at. Without the app you would not know which ones to stop and look at because there is so much to see! We would recommend this app to anyone visiting either of these parks!! On future vacations we intend to check out if there are new parks listed and work vacation around those!!

Hiring your own personal guide!

This is my third tour purchase from Gypsy and I can't say enough about how enjoyable and enhanced the experience is with them. An amazing value and once you try Gypsy, you will be hooked for life and eternally greatful that such an app exists. It is truly the best app that tech has to offer for outdoor enthusiasts!

Unbelievable App!!

This is better than having a live person guiding you through the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone. I heard about it from a friend & thought it might be “nice to have”. I was wrong, it has been awesome!! We saw things we would have missed. You don’t need cell service but it knows where you are every spot along the way. It tells you the history as well as the science behind such things as the geysers & canyon. I highly recommend. The $9+ will pay for itself in your first hour in the parks!!

Great app!

We discover this app by pure coincidence. We were traveling the parks with a toddler, and so couldn’t always get out to see all we’d like. But with this app, we learned awesome information and history, and don’t feel like we missed out! Will definitely download others in the future!

Personal tour guide in your car

We purchased the Yellowstone and Grand Teton tour. Route was easy to understand and follow. Would not only tell you where to turn off the road to see the specific landmarks, but would even give backgrounds and history of the parks. This app was the best $9.99 ever spent.

Good app

Must have when going through Yellowstone or Teton Parks. I can’t give it 5 stars because it tells you that if you buy a pass at one park it is good at the other. This isn’t true, the policy changed this year. I could have upgraded to the $45 pass that included all national parks for the year but instead ended up having to purchase $35 and $35 for the two. Keep this in mind. Other than that, great app and very entertaining, highly recommended!

Yellowstone / grand Teton an amazing experience

We loved this app on our Yellowstone/ grand Teton tour. Especially with poor cellular connection it was very helpful to get notifications for different attractions. Definitely recommend using for self guided tours! It was comforting to have Gypsy guiding us in unfamiliar territories!!


Made the difference between a good trip and a great one. I’d recommend this to anyone visiting for the first time.

Great App! Very Helpful

This app was outstanding! Very helpful with great information. Easy to understand. Works in all areas of the park, even if you don’t have cellular service. Just download when you have wi-fi, or cellular service. Overall, very helpful and enjoyable for both parks. I highly recommend!

Best way to visit Yellowstone!

Hands down a must do for your Yellowstone trip! The guided tour was amazing and gave lists of must sees and optional tracks. The tour helped keep us informed and let us all have the ability to look for wildlife and at the scenery without having to concentrate on roadmaps or signs! Best money spent! Thank you!

Get the App.

Spent a week traveling through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Saw things and took roads we may never have done without the app. Very pleasant voice- accurate- and gave great information along the way. Worth every penny. Will get the app for any other National Park we go to.


Great app, great price, great experience!

It is very helpful!

It tells you where to stop at the attractions.


This app far exceeded my expectations. We have visited both parks multiple times, and read extensively about the parks, but in using this app we learned of many details and spots that we never knew about before. It worked perfectly and would be worth many times the price. You won’t be disappointed.

Love this app!!!

We used the Yellowstone & Grand Teton Tour app on our recent trip. We loved it and it was well worth the $9.99 we spent! It gave us helpful information about the parks in order to navigate the lines and parking issues during the busy season at the end of July. The app, or Greg as we named him, also gave us interesting historical background and other facts to make our visit even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this app!


This app is one I STILL am telling friends and family to download!! Best tour guide ever!

Yellowstone and the Tetons

Best 10$ I ever spent. 5th time to Yellowstone and saw things I’ve never seen because of this app. Took our grandkids this time and also found it very educational.

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

This app is a must if you are traveling to YNP and the Grand Tetons. The commentator is entertaining and easy to listen to - our kids loved listening too!

A MUST HAVE- bite the bullet and purchase!

I was very reluctant to spend the money on this app, but after reading the reviews and considering the amount of money we had spent and were yet to spend on a two week vacation to Yellowstone, I decided it was a small cost even if it didn’t pan out like I wanted. This app is great because there is very little to no cell reception in the park, but it works by GPS. The guide gives very useful information about the history/science/geology of the park’s features as you go through the park. The guide tells you about must-see locations along with suggested sights if time allows. I highly recommend purchasing this app. It was $10 well spent!!

Fantastic App!

Returned from my 10th visit to Yellowstone and 8th to Grand Teton 2 weeks ago. Yellowstone is my Happy Place and our family loves Teton as well. I saw the GyPSy app recommended and decided to do something I never for an app. Oh. My. Goodness. What a fabulous app. My adult daughters, their 2 children, and I were spellbound. We visited areas in both parks we’d never been to as well as learning more about places we visit each trip. I have a library of Yellowstone books but we all learned things from the app’s narrator. We loved the narrator although my daughters think he’s a “little judgy” when we didn’t take his advice and turn here or there along the route. 😂 I will be recommending this app to everyone we know heading into the Tetons and Yellowstone. I’ve already purchased the Glacier NP Going to the Sun Road GyPSy app for a future adventure and look forward to having new GyPSy adventures in the coming years.

Great Ap

It was like having a private tour guide in the car with you. The commentary was not only informative but also was amusing at times. Highly recommend. Will enhance your trip!!

Excellent app. Worth every penny.

Hands down - one of the most worthwhile apps we have ever purchased. We came to love the app instantly. We used it for a Tetons / Yellowstone road trip. It is packed full of not only logistical tips of when / where to stop but also lots of park information (history, plants, animals etc). Our entire family (even our young kids) waited for his next voiceover and commented on how awesome the narrators voice sounded - we were actually sad to hear his final farewell. We do wish this app had a search function so if you missed a stop (on purpose) you could find it again easily later on - when we tried to find / zoom into a missed area it wouldn’t let us as it would just auto-recenter where our current location was. Brilliant app. Would highly recommend.

Absolutely got to have

This app is well worth the cost! So glad I came across the advertisement in a guide magazine. Will definitely use on other trips that it supports.

Like a personal tour guide

I just finished using the Yellowstone/Teton and Glacier guides. They made such a difference in the enjoyment of our trip. They are informative and entertaining. I love the way they pick up exactly where they left off when you stop at a vista or overlook. I can’t imagine the trip without the guides. Only one thing could make it better- more guides to more places!!!!

Total Game Changer

This app is a total game changer for vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. It is even better than having your own personal tour guide in the car! Once you realize the guide will not let you miss a thing, it allows everyone to sit back and enjoy the view. No more wrestling with a map and trying to navigate where you need to stop next. I think we would have missed many of the awesome sites if we didn’t have the gypsy guide. Also, love the fact that it ranks things as can’t miss or could skip it if pressed for time. Another awesome feature included is info about how long a stop might take. A 3 hour hike or 5 minute photo? You know before you pull off the road. This app would have felt like a bargain at 100$!!!!


This tour made our trip to Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons so much more rewarding. I did not research before we went but with this app, we saw all the major sites and many little things I would have dismissed even if I had researched!

vacation 2018

Loved the info. Made the 5 days of Yellowstone and Grand Teton tourism full. Audio was glitchy at first but it was my equipment problem. Only criticism is the inclusion of the political movement of global warming in a couple narratives. Should be prefaced with unsupported theory.

Don’t go without it!!

I bought this and absolutely loved it!! Had a guide book in the car but this was SO much better. My daughter and I enjoyed the stories and history - and having it play as you’re passing the sites is great. I get car sick and never could have read in the car from a guide book. Loved it!! It’s worth the money and even though we drove the same roads several times in each direction and heard the same dialogue a couple of times, it didn’t get old. BUY IT!!!!

Guide in the car!

We spent 3 days in Yellowstone plus 2 days in the Tetons. It was great having our personal guide along with us. A real deal for the $10 cost. Highly recommended. We only wondered what our narrator’s name was. Maybe there could be a contest to give him a colorful name....

Good app and good value

Overview: I bought this for our trip to Yellowstone this July. You can rent a hardware based tour guide at the park entrances (starts with a C) at considerably higher price—about $100usd for 3-days. My sister rented one of those so we were able to compare this app with the rented guide. Both were similar but provided different commentary. In general, the app provides somewhat fewer comments as you go around the grand loop of the park—in general it commented on park features about every 3-5miles, so ignores many interesting features. That said, the differences were not big enough to warrant the cost of the hardware based guide. We greatly enjoyed the commentary the app provided and used it throughout our trip. I recommend it. Be sure to download the full app for offline use as there is no cell service or WiFi in the park!! In most places your phone will not work. Forget the App Store, Facebook, google etc. Its great this feature is provided by this app. Issues: The app is short on commentary regarding park history in general. I hope it will be expanded a bit in this area in the future. For example, there’s much evidence of fires in the park yet the app says little about these fires. Also, as the first US national park there’s a lot of interesting and important history and minimal mention. Another issue is with Bluetooth implementation. Whenever we stopped the car and restarted the car at a park attraction iTunes would begin playing over the app (we were using iphoneX). We tried everything we could think of to stop this and never solved the problem. Park stops are very frequent so this was a major irritant. We talked to other people in the park experiencing the same issue. No one had a solution. The app help menu doesn’t address this issue either. If there’s a simple solution I hope they will add it to the FAQ. Note cell service in the park is almost non existent as is WiFi service. The help phone number provided in the app was of no help as we were not able to get a connection. In all other regards this app was wonderful and is highly recommended. It added a lot to our understanding of the park.

Worth every penny

App is the best $10 I spent on the entire trip. It was nice knowing what was coming up and where to turn the narration was great learned a lot about the park. It’s a must have. I wish it would’ve continued through the Lamar Valley to Cooke City and then over the Beartooth Pass

Must have!

We were recently in Yellowstone and the Tetons and this is a must have. Excellent information and navigation. Make sure to download before you go. We highly recommend this app!


We have enjoyed our trip so much and I really think it’s because of this Gypsy Guide. He is very informative will facts about other things in the Park. I wouldn’t suggest going without it

Best app to see Yellowstone with.

We loved the app. We will definitely purchase other park apps.

Fantastic app

This guide was so helpful for both parks. It was just like having a personal tour guide sitting in the back seat! I’m sure we would have missed half of the things inside Yellowstone if not for this app. Thanks for putting this out there. I’ll recommend to everyone I know whose going to the parks.

A must have!

This app made our adventure to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks a million times better. Our narrator (we named him Charlie) was extremely knowledgeable, relevant, understandable, and never strayed us wrong. We frequently took Charlie’s advice on where to stop and where wasn’t worth our time- Charlie helped us maximize our time in the parks. We loved listening to his commentary which made the trip much more fun and we had a much better understanding of what we were looking at. If you’re going to Yellowstone/ Grand Teton don’t leave without “Charlie”!

Amazing! Can’t imagine our trip without it.

We just came back from 10 days in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. We used the app every time we got in the car. We called the narrator Randy and followed his suggested turn-offs more times than not (and laughed at his disappointment when we didn’t follow his suggestion). This was the best tip we got from all the tips we received from friends who have recently done this trip.

Must have app

We absolutely loved this app. There is a lot of history given along with the information about each area of the park. The guide (named Jeffrey by one of our girls) has a great voice and gives you plenty of time to know what is coming up head of you so you don’t miss anything during your drive. Even without any cell service you are able to use the app and get all of the information. We would definitely recommend spending the money for this purchase. We had no glitches and loved that you could close out the audio if you were retracing your path through the park. We miss “Jeffrey” now that we have finished our trip.

Perfect complement for family trip

Bought this on a whim and it became the cornerstone of our multi-generational driving trip. Great background info on wildlife, history, geothermal stuff that kids were interested in too. Suggested stops were awesome. We ended up calling the voice Dave & whole family enjoyed.

Must have

I feel like this is a must-have while going through Yellowstone. The signage is good in the park but the tour guide gives you adequate heads up and fills the time with great commentary and information about the geologic, natural, and wildlife features in the park. Also, with basically zero cell phone service in the park, it works perfectly offline using gps. Will look into this again while driving in other national parks.

Best Travel Companion!

We learned so much from the excellent commentary and most valuable suggestions! Our kids were engaged the entire time. We literally saw 90% of Yellowstone (outside of hiking trails) in three days with this amazing app. It was perfect for Tetons and so grateful for the tips on where to see wildlife. Wish there were more parks USVI NP. 😀

Wish I could give it 10 stars!

I never write reviews, but I literally got home today from Yellowstone and had to write how awesome this was! My only wish is it would have covered my whole drive from Utah to keep us entertained! We pulled over at some of the suggestions and boy was it worth it! We would have missed a lot since honestly we didn’t prepare, we just decided hey we are going to Wyoming anyway let’s take a day to go see Old Faithful. By day one, I felt I had totally gotten my money’s party, by day two, I felt like I had found the best app in the world. Wish I could share some of the photo I took thanks to this app.

Amazing tour guide!

Toured through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and this app was perfect! Gave us plenty of options, told us what to expect at each stop so we could decide if it was of interest to us. Was almost as good as having a tour guide sitting in the car. Must have!

Life Changing!

Throw away your guide books, maps and enjoy! No more missing turns, no more having to hang out a wait for ranger talks. Gypsyguide tells you everything you need to know. Just wish I could have brought him along on our hikes! Better than having a personal guide in your car. Only thing this app doesn’t do is drive!!!!!

Worth every penny!

We just returned from Yellowstone and really enjoyed having this app. So many things we may have missed without it.

Love this.

The best tour guides. Please make these kinds of tours for all the National Parks, and big cities around the world. I would buy them all as I go visit them. I promise. Thank You.

Worth every penny

No cell service required. Informative. Suggestions based on time required, crowds, services. Gives you time to decide if you want to commit to a turn before you make it. Does not over do the narration. Perfect. Would not go without it.

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