Yellowstone Grand Teton GyPSy App Reviews

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This made our trip. Worked great would purchase for any future trips.

Best app ever

We were guided through the parks while listening to our guide. Never had to look at a map. Wonderful. I will purchase these for future trips. Gave really interesting info about the area.

Great app. Strongly recommended

Great app to use in the park. Had More and often better info than some of the guided tours. Easy to use and an excellent way to experience the park.

Don’t visit the parks without it!

People who don’t have this app must be missing out is SO MUCH! The whole family enjoyed it and like the mixture of historical, geological, wildlife facts that we learned. Seriously, don’t visit the parks without it! It’s way worth the money!

Wörth every penny

We learned a lot about the history and geology of the Tetons and Yellowstone. The voice of the narrator is a pleasant baritone and the stories are fascinating to the point where our children set aside their phone and tablet to follow along. We found the Tetons much more beautiful then Yellowstone, once you have seen a geyser or a bubbling mud pot you have kinda seen them all but a hike in the Tetons with or without views of a lake presents variety and unexpected beauty at every turn.

Amazing app to supplement our experience

We named our app Phil. We purchased the Teton/Yellowstone combo app. Phil guided us expertly to various attractions that we would have otherwise missed. I loved that I did not have to spend time with my nose in the map as Phil would guide us to important turns. I would highly recommend this app. It is a great value.

The best

Had a great time listening to our gypsy guide. Kept us well informed, On track and amused on our ride to exploring the parks.


We used this app on our trip to yellowstone. Was fantastic and our kids even named the narrator “Wilbur”. It not only does a good job on letting you know where and when to a good stop is upcoming it also has commentary and stories while driving the long stretches which helps pass the time. Worth 5 times as much as you pay!

Love this.

Please make these kinds of tours for all the National Parks, and big cities around the world. I would but them as I go visit them. I promise. Thank You.

Must have app for Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Amazing app! It made our life easy and it guides you in real time throughout the park. I usually don’t write reviews but this one was so good I thought that everyone looking for an app to help navigate these 2 Parks must know about it. Thanks!

Real science would be nice

I have purchased the app and have been listening to the stops as I click through them, getting ready for our Yellowstone/Teton trip in August. It would be nice to have true scientific information without the Climate Change B.S. and millions of years B.S. I’m sure this will give us a lot of useful information for our trip, but stick with concrete, proven science please. Why can’t you simply say “a long time” or “a long time ago” instead of using the millions of years terminology. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for such speculation. I’ll see if the app is worth the price when I’ve returned from our trip.

Excellent Guide!

This app was great! Provided information about things we were driving past, history, and suggested stops. Well worth what we paid for it, especially since there is no cell reception in the majority of Yellowstone. The ability to have guidance based on GPS was invaluable. We also liked the “don’t miss” suggestions. One recommendation for the designers would be to add a search feature. Otherwise loved it!

Excellent App

The perfect guide thru Yellowstone. Lots of information between stops. Did not get a chance to use Teton portion. More than worth the money.


Accurate and informative. Highly recommended.

Very useful and good apps

Highly recommend for 1st timer spending at Yellowstone and grand Teton. The app tells you every single nook off scenic spot and which ones good or not, including fun fact or historical stories. The tour starts automatically when you arrived at any of the entrance locations even when there is no service. Worth every single penny


Love this app. Best $9 I’ve ever spent. Was informative and kept us on track. Didn’t have to be staring at a map the whole time and could watch the scenery and for wildlife. And didn’t have to spend money on guided tours.

2 days in late October

This app was a great help along with a great informative tool to conquer the park! Worth the $$!

Worth every penny!

This app was like having a tour guide in our car. It had a short discussion of the highlights and some history of the Yellowstone. The feature we liked best was that it told us which locations to stop at and explore and it gave us directions on how to get there and where to park. Loved it!! I highly recommend it and plan on trying their other guides.

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

This was like having your own private guide ride with you in your car through the parks. A lot of history and information which was extremely interesting and kept our attention throughout our drives. Informed us of little side roads that were quiet without the crowds with some awesome views. Highly recommend gypsy guide. It is well worth it and can't wait to use them again for other national parks. Thank you

We were laughing at how great this was

I was sweating the thought of trying to piece together various maps, both paper and electronic, to try and guide us through our drive from Jackson, WY up through Grand Teton National Park and around the Lower Loop of Yellowstone before we exited the Yellowstone West Entrance. I was downloading Gaia Maps and making a list of landmarks that I had read about and was trying to get them in order so I wouldn't miss any. Then right before I left the hotel room I went on the App Store and searched on Yellowstone Maps. I came across the GyPSy products and saw there was one for both Grand Teton and Yellowstone. It was under $10 so I decided to go for it. I didn't have wifi where I was and it wouldn't let me download the file (about 150 MB) over my cellular connection so we drove to the local Starbucks in Jackson and used their wifi. No problem. It took a couple of minutes to download and we were off and running. The map only allows you to view the area you are currently in. In other words, you cannot scroll around to zoom in on other areas (at least I couldn't figure out how). You can zoom in and out but it always stays centered around your current location. As you start driving, the GPS in your phone or iPad (I used my iPad) follows along the route. Every so often (and it is often), you come across a point on the map where the guy starts talking. We thought he sounded a little like Casey Kasem! He would give a tour guide's description of the local area. You get interesting tidbits about geology, animal history, etc. as well as the proximity to the next viewable landmark as well as "turn here" instructions. Since there are several times during the tour where you could go left or right at a junction, the voice tells you what happens when you do either. We were amazed at how accurate the tour was. He always talks at the right time and we always knew what to do, where to go and what we were looking at. I would buy this again in a heartbeat if I go to another place where they offer their product. It was outstanding.

Awesome Tour Guide

This app was such a pleasure on our recent trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. "Gypsy Jim", as we affectionately called him, was so full of helpful information and helped us to plan our days. Bravo!! Well worth the price. We would definitely purchase another guide by Gypsy if it is available for our next adventure location!

Fabulous travel companion

This was money worth spent. Pleasant voice with so much information - we would have missed so much info if we'd just driven by. The scenery doesn't want one to take the eyes off to read anything, so the commentary was perfect


Super helpful, easy to use and informative. So glad I downloaded it before my visit.

Thank you, Parker!

We loved listening to Parker! Ok, so we gave the narrator of this awesome guide name. Using this app felt like having such a good friend lead our family of 4 through these beautiful parks that we thought he deserved a name :-) Parker gave us just the right balance of history, science, local lore, and, of course, suggested routes and stops. We look forward to exploring other national parks with Parker!

Absolute MUST for Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Got the recommendation from an email we received about Yellowstone. Worth way more than we paid for it. We saw sites we never would have known about, and learned lots along the way. Next NP we visit, our first action will be to see if Gypsy has an app for it.


You just have to take this app along with you when visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. It's like having your own park ranger in the car with you as you go from place to place. The content is absolutely spot on and interesting and fun at the same time. The narrator is nameless, but we ended up calling him ranger Bob. We used a small Bluetooth speaker to enhance the experience. Just fantastic!

Must have app!

The guide was simply amazing and cheap! I would have paid $100. Gives you the must do, should do, if you have time to do. Also history of entire park as you travel. I learned ten times as much as I would have. Thank you gypsy!

Informative and Worth It

Simply put: this is all you really need if you want the goods on what you're seeing while you're in the park (especially if you don't want to join an official, guided tour). Just make sure to download WHILE ON WIFI beforehand.

Game changer!

I never pay for apps - never - and I'd have gladly paid 3x for this one. Completely made our recent road trip through Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons -- it was like having a personal tour guide in our car, giving us all pointers we needed to maximize our time and get the most out of our trip. I found myself recommending it to fellow travelers along the way. Five stars experience!

Excellent information and value

We just got back from the parks. I have already been recommending this guide to others that mentioned they've considered doing the trip.

So helpful

I don't usually write reviews but we had a great experience with the app guiding us through Yellowstone and Teton. Helped us to find things we would have missed.

Learned lots in the parks!

We learned a lot in the parks and it was a great way to learn about the area while driving, especially since you are stuck in the car so much in these parks. We did find a few mistakes in the Narration (the date Lewis and Clark did their expedition was wrong, when talking about the geysers, he said construction instead of constriction and once near canyon junction, the narrative for the opposite direction started playing). I am sure these are things that can be fixed quickly and should not be an issue much longer. Would have been nice to have the option To have some local music or something play between stops as well, so not just silent. Overall such a great way to have a guide without paying for an expensive trip.


The guide is witty!

Great App

I will totally agree with the best $9 ever spent! A great way to learn about the history and to let you know about spots where you may want to stop. VERY informative! My husband was wishing this app covered our entire trip. We both agreed this was definitely money well spent!

Phenomenal Tour Guide App

This app was well worth $9.99! The tour guide led us through our visit to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Not only did he point out many interesting spots, he told engaging stories too. Unlike a boring audiobook, his compelling way of describing the area with perfect tone and inflection made us feel like he was in the car with us. Can't wait to try out GyPSy tours on another vacation!

Best tour guide!

We used this in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. It was fantastic. The narrator had a pleasant voice and told us all we needed to know about what we were seeing. He told us what was an absolute must see and what we should do if we have extra time. With no phone service in the park the satellite GPS was great in helping us find out where to go. Highly recommend!

Fantastic! The teenagers loved it too!

This app is fantastic! We all loved the info and tips and felt like we could relax and focus on viewing the sights and didn't have to look at maps and tour books hardly at all!

Great App!

We followed this on our trip and enjoyed it immensely!

Gypsy led us through both parks.

Loads of great information. Enjoyed it all. Played it on my iPad. It followed our every move through Yellowstone and the Tetons. I'm sure we would have skipped a lot without Gypsy's helpful commentary.

Love Dave

GREAT! Like having a fun know it all friend in the car, made our visit to yellow stone, we called him Dave

This app Is Awesome!

Best $9.00 I've ever spent. We booked our trip late and couldn't get on a tour but this app was way better! We could move at our own pace thru Yellowstone, we were staying near Grand Tetons and turned it on everyday. It gives you the history, the geological explanations, how things got their names and walks you thru the animals. My recommendations are to download it the night before over wifi and it is a major battery hog so gave it plugged in as you drive in the car. It is totally worth it!

Best investment for the trip

This was the best choice I made for the trip. Money well spent. The commentaries are succinct and informative. Good for navigation. It is so convenient when you drive and have the comments play automatically. The stop points included were excellent. Highly recommend.

A must-have. LOVE this app!

This was perfect app for us to use on our Yellowstone trip. We were only time about it after we had finished Grand Teton, which makes me very sad. The app added so so much to our experience, and I would recommend it to everyone

Awesome App!

We heard about this from a friend and downloaded it. It is like having your own private tour guide in the car with you! We were with a group of 17 visiting the parks and all the other families downloaded it after hearing about it from us. The narrator was nicknamed "Roy" the Ranger by our group. We all would absolutely buy it again for other parks or areas.

Great app for touring

We learned a lot about Yellowstone including history of the park, science behind some of the geothermal sites, and where to view animals- all while driving through the park. This was very handy. There were a few times when a new audio track would cut off the one already playing, but otherwise no issues.

Great but still space for improvement

It's is a great tour guide app, a lot of nice side information that you would miss if you do not go to guided tours inside the park. It looks like the app just upgraded once I got home, so can't tell if they improved the issues. It may have been an iPhone/Bluetooth/USB/Car issue but it did not play well taking over or handing off to the radio so constantly had to push the satellite radio button and adjust the volume up/down after each point. Also building smarts into the app for the time of day/year would be great. There was one wrong info about a trail that recommended going the long trail for a better view of the falls, even the park sign by the trail indicated there was no view of the falls.

Excellent Apps

Purchased the Yellowstone & Grand Teton one. Cannot believe how good it is. Absolutely the best tour apps ever. Save your time to focus on the most valuable place to visit. Have so much fun and easily killed time on the way to the interest points with playing this apps in the car.


Was so cool to have a tour guide in your own car. This app is so worth the money.

Super app

You folks made our visit to Grand Teton just awesome. We're so looking forward to listening to our Yellowstone tour later this week! Great and educational commentary.

Must have app! Even my teen daughter turned off the music to listen

This was easily the best investment of the trip. The tour guide was interesting and entertaining. It seemed like we would ask a question and soon it would be answered, Questions about wild life, geological features, science, history of the region. We ended calling the narrator, Gypsy, and speaking to him throughout the trip. :-). My teenage daughter even turned down the music to listen. You will not regret this purchase. This app added so much value to our trip and we also learned about some less known Roads and trails for a more private experience. I can't recommend this app more highly!!

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