Yellowstone Grand Teton GyPSy App Reviews

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Made Our First Trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Amazing

Well Gypsy you truly delivered for my wife and I as we toured these true treasures of our country. You where fun, instructive and reassuring to have along. Our little under a week in the parks was packed with the experiences that your commentary and direction enhanced at every turn. This was our 50th Anniversary gift to each other and you helped make it very special. Thank You. P.S. As a long time narrator and VO artist I would love to know who was our guide? Great work. Steve and Helen Chamides Boston,MA

This app literally guided me!

For some reason, my Googlemaps and Waze weren’t picking up the location of what I entered when I was ready to drive through Yellowstone through to the Grand Tetons. Yet I remembered I’d purchased this app to learn a bit of what I’d be seeing along the way, and fired it up. What I didn’t expect is that this app pretty much saved me!! Because of the GPS awareness, it would preview upcoming forks in the road well in advance so I was confident driving in the direction that matched my overall plan. (Not sure why this worked when the other apps didn’t- but yay!!) I loved that the voice was not always on. I liked that you could pause the narrative too (which I learned after trying to film which videos and hoping not to hear the narrator’s voice while recording. Using another app doesn’t silence the guy.) I really appreciated learning tidbits about the history and the nature I was passing through. A great use of location-based services. Well worth the investment... I’m walking away with greater appreciation for where I drove through or where I chose to stop and hike around...

Fantastic Tour Guide!!!

We just spent 6 days in Yellowstone & Grand Tetons and we used this app every day. We loved it. It was so interesting & educational. We were impressed with how well the narration was timed with your driving and direction of travel. It worked well with music playlist. Great app!!

Highly Recommend!

We used this for our first visit and found it fun and informative. Very useful for deciding where to stop. It kept my 8 year old engaged on where we were and what we could see. My only suggestion is that it would be nice to have reminders on which way to turn when leaving each stop. This is a great way to get around without having to spend so much time looking at maps.

Made the trip even better!

Excellent! We loved having the commentary and learned so much. I would always look to seed if there is a gypsy guide wherever I travel! After listening to the app our 10 year old identified a bird she learned about!


This is a wonderful app. Took us all over the Tetons and Yellowstone. I think better than having a guide.

The best guide you can have

This App is must have for Yellowstone kind of area. It works even when there is no signal and guides you for everything and explains very well. I would not have enjoyed enough without this App. Strongly recommended.

Best App

This app is a must when visiting Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. It’s like having your own personal guide in your car.


Worked perfectly! I am obsessive about trip planning. Didn’t need to do anything using this. I have amazon prime and downloaded a free copy of Lonely Planet Yellowstone and Grand Tetons to my Kindle app as a companion but didn’t really need it. Would have been useful if you wanted to get into the back country. This really is all you need !

Awesome App

This app is the best guide you could have. I didn’t have to spend $250 per person for a guided tour of Yellowstone National Park. This app guided us the entire way along our route. I would highly recommend this app for anyone.


We really enjoyed this app..great recommendations and we definitely made some stops we might not of and enjoyed them all. We really liked all the information provided before the stop so we could get out and just enjoy the scenery. Well worth the $10..


Love this guide. Just enough to make the area even more special. Wish I had it for earlier park visits. Learned so much in an easy, interesting way. Saw things I would have missed and had on earlier trips. Wish I had time to drive all of Yellowstone again. Perfect concept to allow total independence yet have advantage of a guide’s in-depth information. Everyone going to areas where a Gypsy Guide is available should have it for sure.

Like having your own personal Park Ranger

This app is absolutely amazing. I never write reviews for anything but I had to come back and write one for this... having traveled to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons for the first time last week, this app was so so helpful in all that we did there. The app not only guides you as you are traveling along (maybe having half an idea of what you’d like to do), it gives you tons of background historical and scientific info about what you are visiting. The guide friendly directs you as you drive along and makes helpful suggestions about stops throughout the parks. I really appreciated the categorization of ‘do not miss’ verses suggested stops. All of this together resulted in us not only navigating the vast parks painlessly, we saw so much more than we would have seen without it. We also learned an incredible amount of history and and scientific side notes that made what we were seeing more meaningful than without the guide. Really impressed by it. Very well done; developed with much thought about what a first time traveler to the park would need. Lots of info; very kind and polite commentary/ direction as well as very appreciated humor thrown in. Do not hesitate to purchase this app to guide you through the park if you’ve never been. Honestly, it’s like having your own personal Park Ranger in the car with you! And he’s funny and very pleasant to listen to!!

Best passenger ever!

I traveled through Grand Tetons and Yellowstone by myself and this guide was amazing, beyond my best expectations! The narrator was excellent! The history and background stories were so entertaining and interesting. The narrator let me know what side trips were coming up and when so I never overshot a turn out. I highly recommend this app to everyone!!

Absolutely necessary

This was our 7th trip to Yellowstone/ Teton and you would have thought we had seen everything but having this app not only guided us to spots we had never seen but the historical perspective of both parks added so much to our trip. We will certainly use this option on any future trip that is available. Thank you for making this the best trip ever. The Coles.


I never write reviews and rarely pay for apps. This app would be a bargain at twice the price. Completely made our trip. We loved the guidance and definitely experienced things we would have missed otherwise. Plus we learned some interesting facts. We missed it when we were done. I wish I could have had the narration all the way home.


I don’t often do reviews, but this app definitely warrants it.... I Can’t recommend this app enough! It was extremely helpful and interesting!

Excellent App!

Excellent App! We learned so much and really got to see a ton of both parks thanks to the suggestions. I wouldn't go to Yellowstone without it. Best money we spent on the trip!

Great App!

This was such a great addition to our Yellowstone/ Grand Teton trip. We would have missed so much without the great suggestions on where to stop and what to see. It was also nice to hear the history and learn about the science in a fun and entertaining way. It worked perfectly and we didn’t have to pull out guide books or keep our eye on a map. We really enjoyed using this and will use this app again for other areas of our beautiful country!

Awesome app!

Greatly enhanced the value of our tour of Yellowstone and Tetons. Highly recommend getting this app before going on this trip.

Fabulous guide

Just got back from Yellowstone and Tetons. Had bought many books and highlighted areas that I wanted to see before I saw your app. Decided to purchase anyway and it was the best thing I did. The narration is very informative and I feel like I did not miss a thing. Very enthusiastic narrator on where to stop and would point out place of interest but let you know if limited on time it the stop was worth stopping in his opinion. Explained a lot of history and information in region that I otherwise would never had known. Well worth the $10 spent and looking forward to purchasing the guide on upcoming trip to Vancouver.

Great addition to our trip!

Yellowstone without using any guide books. Loved all the history lessons we received. I would definitely recommend getting this app. I will purchase the app for the different parks offered on future trips.

Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

Wonderful app!!! Like having your own personal tour guide. We would never found all the sites on our own!! Looking forward to our next trip.

Great app!

This was a very informative app! We saw many things that we probably wouldn’t have seen without the app. My only complaint is that if you turn off your car to take a hike or just to take pictures, you have to shut off your phone and reboot and restart the app, that got to be a pain.

Extremely Valuable Tour Guide

Just finishing 2 1/2 days in Yellowstone with this guide and planning to use the Grand Teton guide tomorrow but couldn’t wait to express our appreciation for this outstanding resource. We learned so much more and saw so much more than we ever could have without this app. The information is thorough, exhaustively researched and very pleasantly presented. The narrator is easy to listen to and learn from. Don’t go without this, ESPECIALLY if it’s your first trip to Yellowstone.

One of the best travel apps ever!

We just completed a weeklong trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and we had done a lot of research prior to our trip. We had a game plan, and it really made the trip smooth and maximized our time. I found this app the week before we left and downloaded based on other reviews...and after using it for the week, I can’t recommend this app enough. It really made the trip so much more complete, and even with our pre-planning and research, the app added so much to the experience, it’s hard to put into words. All I can say is: if you’re planning a trip, don’t go without this app! Can’t wait to try the other tours they have available!

Do It!

All I have to say is WOW. This app will not let you down. Worth the $10! I literally have never paid for an app and took a chance on this one, Mainly because of the great reviews....that’s why I felt compelled to add to them.

Best app ever!

A must have app. Worth 3 x the price and I rarely pay for apps. I can’t say enough good things about this app. Incredibly accurate and an absolute necessity if you’re visiting the parks. I had no cell service or data or GPS signal on my phone so this was a lifesaver.

Excellent. This will be the benchmark for anyone entering the business.


Best $10 I spent on the trip!

Wow! So impressed with this app. We couldn’t have made it through the Tetons and Yellowstone without it. Like having a personal tour guide with you every step of the way. Hope there are more Gypsy Guides because we love traveling. The history and side notes are a double bonus!

A great companion!

Really a great ride-along friend to help you enjoy your driving tour of these great national treasures. The information was enjoyable, the turn prompts excellent and the overall operation was smooth. With the spotty and weak cell service in the parks, I can not believe how well it worked. A small charge for an interesting helpful ride-along.

Can’t wait to use this for other places

We loved this app. Our friend from work recommended it because he had just come back from Yellowstone with his family. We called the app Martin. He suggested where to stop and taught all kinds of history along the way. The map we got from Yellowstone doesn’t list half of the places we stopped and it’s hard to decide what to spend time on. Martin also helped with parking suggestions. We knew exactly where to stop and park. LOVED IT!

Awesome app

Very informative, educational and well worth the $10. It was nice to here the history behind Yellowstone. This was our first visit and it was easier to decide what stops you wanted to make based on Gyspys review. Continuing on to the Tetons and know we’ll have all the information we need to enjoy our trip!!!

Your personal guide through the park.

This made our trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons! Our guide took us to all the best places and explained everything along the way. Seriously, don’t go through the park without this.

Great app when driving around Yellowstone!

This app is amazing! It’s spot on! We don’t have any cell coverage in Yellowstone and this guides us through everything! Even if you’ve planned out your trip like we did, I would still highly recommend this app to keep you on track and help you discover other great stops along the way. Worth EVERY penny!

Best tour guide ever!

This app was a game changer for our 10-day visit to Grand Teton & Yellowstone. We read several travel books to map out our time in the parks. One publication suggested this app, which we decided to try. This was a huge help as we traveled the parks. The guide, who we named Fred, took us to the best spots, letting us know exactly when to turn, pointed out hiking trails available with distances, and made suggestions on which were ‘must see’ spots vs ones to be skipped if we were tight on time. Fred educated us about the history of the parks and made suggestions on the best times to see some of the most popular sites & catch sight of wildlife. This app is a must if you’re planning a trip to Grand Teton & Yellowstone!!

Essential travel companion

I would give this 10 stars if I could! We learned more about the history and geology of Yellowstone from our Gypsy Guide than from the Park Rangers. It gave us inside tips to beat the crowds, alerted us to turnoffs and sights that were not described elsewhere, and gave us wildlife viewing tips that were right on and essential. It was like having a park expert in our back seat - plus he was folksy, and amusing - the perfect vibe for Yellowstone. This GPS technology is impressive - we never lost touch, even in backcountry without any cell service. Well worth purchasing - it will greatly enhance your park experience.

Yellowstone and Tetons

This app was AWESOME!! Pointed out many great places to see.

Love this app!

We just spent a few days in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. This app provided valuable information about the parks and must see stops. It also provided information about side roads to take that we would not have known about otherwise. It was like having a travel guide with you ...only better!

Get your head out of a map/guidebook and enjoy the moment.

We just spent 7 days exploring Yellowstone and Grand Teton using this app. We purchased it after reading about it on a travel blog and it truly enhanced our park experience. Usually my husband is driving and I have my head in a map and/or guidebook trying to figure out where we are and where we should stop or reading information and missing everything around me. This app did it all. Here were some of our favorite features: The info was in short (max 3 min) bursts. Info covered history, geology, wildlife as well as what were must see stops vs stop if you have time. Commentary was interesting, relevant and entertaining. Commentary was different depending on which direction of the road you were driving on. Provided driving direction choices at junctions. Reliable. We had only one morning when the app couldn’t find us. I restarted my phone and this small problem was fixed. Other than the app knew exactly where we were at all times. If we could rate it more than 5* we would. A must have for any visit to these two national parks. Genius! Thank you for making such a great product that actually works as described with no obvious bugs. We highly recommend.

Must have!!

We felt like we were besties with the narrator by the time our trip through Yellowstone was finished. This app was so impressive. Nearly every stop he told us to make was spot on. All of the historical information was really unique. We felt we could trust the app and his voice was comforting. We agreed his voice was a cross between John Candy and Norm from Cheers. We found ourselves recommending it to people in the park several times. The high reviews are deserved. You’ll love it!

Great guide

What a great invention! Rather than have my head in a guidebook figuring out where to stop next I let the app direct us. We hit many highlights we would not have found on our own in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. My kids called our navigator “Bobby Blabbermouth” but even they missed him by the end of the trip. I only wish the guide extended outside the Grand Loop of the Park!

Great app. Worth the price

Just finished first day and this app was great Guided us along, interesting facts many options of what to see Worked great inside park when had no cell service just as stated

Fantastic Tour Guide

This app truly enhanced our family’s national park experience. The narration provided valuable guidance as well as great education and helped us quickly prioritize attractions real-time throughout Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. The descriptions were very accurate and it was so nice not to have to thumb through a guide book while navigating and miss observing. Can’t wait to try another tour.

What a fantastic app!

We were scheduled to go to Glacier and at the last minute decided to pivot south to Yellowstone and the GTNP due to the wildfire activity in Glacier. We had nothing planned/researched and purchased this app hoping for the best. It definitely did not disappoint! We loved how the commentary was perfectly timed and was a perfect mix of history, science/geology, and wildlife. The audible directions were also a huge help while driving at night! This app was worth the money! I would recommend this to anyone visiting the parks.

Don’t do the parks without this app!

Spent a week at Yellowstone and the Grabd Tetons this summer, and I can’t say enough how much this audio tour enhanced our trip.

Great App

Best 10$ you will spend in the trip to Yellowstone and Teton

Don’t go without this!

This app was a lifesaver! I only was able to do a little bit of research on Yellowstone and grand Teton before we left, so this app was it replaceable. We followed the advice of the narrator all the time, and we were never disappointed. Thank you so much! This it made our vacation truly unforgettable. Well worth the price.

Don’t leave without it!

This APP was fantastic! If I could give 6 stars I would!

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